Home Video QI | How Assemble Waiters Win Bigger Methods? – pointers

QI | How Assemble Waiters Win Bigger Methods? – pointers

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This clip is from QI Series H, Episode 6, ‘Happiness’ with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Rich Hall, Andy Hamilton also Phill Jupitus.

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  1. My husband and I had a deal. He would pay the invoice and I could well resolve the tip. If she pushed aside me and appreciated him, no tip. I simply wrote on the label “NEVER ignore the wife!”

  2. I'm American, and I've by no plot viewed a waiter breeze after any individual for a tip. I also possess heaps of friends that had been waiters and additionally they've by no plot talked about chasing of us for tricks. More like just being pissed off that they’d an affordable/ugly customer when they didn't uncover a tip (or when the tip used to be truly small). Positively heard tales about working after of us who tried no longer paying the least bit though.

  3. Drawing a smiley face on the invoice is assured to originate me cancel any tip I was intending to offer. I tip for warmth carrier. I don't tip for thinking I'm a toddler who wants a cute dinky image!


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